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The Touchstone Methodology

Touchstone has a proven, five-step method for turning around underperforming and distressed companies. Each stage is important to the process.

1. Situation Analysis

  • Is there a viable core business?
  • Is there enough cash for a recovery?
  • Are sufficient managerial resources available?
  • What is the strategy for ensuring long-term profitability and health?
  • Determine plan for survival.

2. Management Change

  • Ensure capable management is in place.
  • Replace management who will impede the turnaround process.

3. Emergency Action

  • Ensure short-term survival.
  • Provide opportunity for strategy to be implemented.

4. Business Restructuring

  • Restructure business to secure long-term survival.
  • Provide foundations for long-term strategic leadership position.

5. Return to Normal

  • Secure strategic leadership position and future profitability/health.