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Touchstone Advisory Projects

Touchstone provides advisory services through its subsidiary company Touchstone Projects Ltd. That company’s services are focused on the same business principles as its parent, being to assist companies by creating value through excellent management, sound governance and adequate capital resources.

Typical assignments are assessing business viability, future prospects, management capability and character, adequacy of corporate governance, business value, capital structure and capital raising (debt and equity). This latter service is only offered if we have attained confidence in the client such that we are comfortable to present a proposal to debt or equity investors.

Touchstone Projects draws on the experience of its directors and its small team of specialised advisors who have experience in the following industry sectors:

  • Farming and horticulture
  • Transport
  • Food manufacturing and export
  • Food service and retailing
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Retailing
  • Joinery and display systems
  • Printing
  • Maori business
  • Software systems
  • Office products
  • Air quality technology
  • Mining/Natural Resources

In addition to their own skill sets our advisors have relationships with other professionals giving access to such other specialisations as sales and marketing, human resources, management coaching, supply chain management, trade credit insurance, company valuations, banking and finance.

For more information about Touchstone Advisory Projects please contact Bruce McCallum, Ian Armstrong or Bob Cleland.