Touchstone Capital Partners is an investment company that invests in underperforming, distressed or destabilised business assets targeting business improvement, rehabilitation and turnaround opportunities. Touchstone provides short and medium term capital resources aligned with management/governance expertise to the businesses in which it invests. Such capital will often be invested alongside a businesses current capital providers, bank or other financier.

Touchstone Capital Partners is seeking investment opportunities in 

- growing businesses which are capital or management constrained; 

- under-performing good businesses which, with the right resources, can become performing businesses; or

- financially or operationally distressed businesses with a viable core which can be turned around;

Touchstone Capital Partners may also purchase distressed debt or enter into debtor-in-possession financing to provide additional cash or to take control of a restructuring opportunity .

Touchstone Capital Partners is managed by Armillary Private Capital.

If you or your clients are seeking assistance from or are interested in participation in Touchstone Capital Partners Limited please contact us by clicking on the email link or calling our manager, Armillary Private Capital.