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Touchstone Capital Partners Ltd is an investment and advisory company.

Touchstone Capital Partners Ltd (“Touchstone”) was formed in 2003 with its principal aim being to save businesses and improve performance through the alignment of management and governance with capital.

It is a private investment and advisory company owned and managed by its principals, all of whom have successful professional and business careers.

The focus of Touchstone’s business is on assisting companies by creating or enhancing value through excellent management, sound governance and adequate capital resources (debt and equity). It specialises in company turnarounds, capital structuring, management and governance.

The company’s founder, Bruce McCallum, practiced as an insolvency specialist, turnaround manager and forensic accountant for thirty years during which time he conducted over five hundred business investigations, company appraisals, receiverships, company turnarounds and restructurings.

During these years Bruce observed many businesses which failed due to the lack of a viable core business, poor management, lack of governance, being under-capitalised, uncontrolled rapid growth and pure bad luck. His passion for saving or turning around businesses led to what is now Touchstone and this passion is shared by his fellow directors, shareholders and advisory colleagues.

Our Proven Methodology

Touchstone has a proven methodology for improving business’ performance.

The earlier we get involved, the better.

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